fingerbook – the simplest and fastest photo book!


Welcome to the simplest and fastest photo book ever!
fingerbooks are small, handy photo books. They hold 24 pictures and can be created as effortlessly as anything. Printed with superb quality and refined for maximum robustness it keeps your most precious moments forever!

I like fingerbook!

Here is why you will love fingerbook:

  1. It keeps your precious memories.

    You'll never forget a cool vacation, a romantic wedding, awesome parties etc.

  2. It's a perfect gift.

    fingerbook is just perfect for birthdays, Christmas or simply as a little token of appreciation.

  3. High quality and robustness

    Our special silk-mat coating keeps fingerprints and splash water off your pictures.

Create a fingerbook for free!


Focused on what's really important: Your most precious moments!
No software download, no tedious configuration. Therefore, creating your fingerbook couldn't be easier. What are you waiting for? Try it now now! It takes only three simple steps to create your new fingerbook:

You can create fingerbooks online at no cost and share them with your friends!
  1. Upload pictures

    Choose 24 pictures for your finger­book from your computer and upload them.

  2. Preview

    You see a preview of what your fingerbook will look like. If you want, you can also adapt the covers!

  3. Done!

    Save your fingerbook for free, then share it with your friends and/or order your own personal printed exemplar!

Create a fingerbook for free!


Order your printed high-quality fingerbook with optional addons, fitted to your personal taste!
When ordering your fingerbook, you have various great options to choose from! Select one of three sizes and make it even cooler with addons, such as our premium wood sleeve.

Sizes & Prices

small 102x68 mm € 12.90
medium 135x90 mm € 14.90
large 150x100 mm € 16.90


Metal Band € 1.00
natural € 2.50
pink € 2.50
red € 2.50
green € 2.50
purple € 2.50
mint-blue € 2.50
sunny-yellow € 2.50
copper metallic € 2.50
vintage green € 2.50
wood sleeve cherry from € 5.90
engraved cherry wood from € 8.90
carton Sleeve from € 2.90
engraved, red gum from € 8.90
wood sleeve, red gum from € 5.90
Gmund leather from € 3.90
Delivery to Europe € 3.90. Free delivery if you order 2 or more fingerbooks.

Payment with cash in advance, credit card or PayPal.

  • Cash in advance
  • VISA
  • MasterCard
  • PayPal
All transmissions of your data are securely encrypted.
Free delivery if you order 2+ pieces
Create a fingerbook for free!
“The biggest thing that could
happen to your pictures!“
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