About fingerbook

  • What is fingerbook?

  • What can I do with a fingerbook?

  • Who runs fingerbook?


  • How many pictures can I upload per fingerbook?

  • Can I upload fewer pictures?

  • Which aspect ratio do fingerbooks have?

  • How large should my pictures be?

  • Which file types are supported?

  • How can I retouch my pictures?

  • Can I use my own image as cover?

  • Can I edit my fingerbook later?


  • Which formats are available?

  • How much is a fingerbook?

  • Do you offer quantity discounts?

  • Which additional products are available?

  • Do you offer giftcards?

  • Can the wood sleeve be engraved individually?

  • Can I cancel my order?


  • Which payment methods do you offer?

  • Are my credit card details transferred safely?

  • What’s the bank account for payment in advance?

  • Can I change the selected payment method?


  • Which printing method and paper do you use?

  • Can I choose between matte and glossy?

  • How long does the production process take?

  • Do you auto-optimize the pictures?

  • Does my fingerbook look like in the preview?

  • How robust are fingerbooks?

  • Where do you produce fingerbook?


  • To which countries do you dispatch?

  • How much is the delivery?

  • How long does the delivery take?

  • How are fingerbooks dispatched?

  • Can I pick up fingerbooks by myself?

Your account & privacy

  • Do I have to register to use fingerbook?

  • How can I update my user data?

  • How do you handle my personal data?

  • Which of my data is publicly visible?

  • Can other people order my fingerbook?

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